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Digital Mayhem Supports Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Hawkesbury Film Project - History

Commencing in May 2000, The Hawkesbury Film Project was a new concept initially founded by Armando Arango (Film Director), Jeff Parkin (Senior Constable - Windsor Police) and Stephen Lillie (Drug & Alcohol Councillor - Hawkesbury District Health Service). Jeff Parkin and Stephen Lillie became the Executive Producers of the film, and took on the roles of being Project Managers. John Klofac (General Manager - Digital Mayhem) has been approached in August 2000, to manage the Audio, Video and Image Production and Post Production of the whole project.

The Project was designed to promote awareness in 'Drug and Alcohol Use', ‘Road Safety’, ‘Theft’, ‘Domestic Violence’, ‘School Bullying’ and other topical issues, in the form of short films. These films are aimed primarily at teenagers from the local areas of the Hawkesbury region and are shown at all the local schools as part of the education awareness scheme.

Hawkesbury Film Project 1 - "Drugs What If?"

"Drugs What If?" was initiated in May 2000 and was in Pre Production for more than a year, which involved the gathering of ideas of interested young people for what the theme of the film should be. A script was finally developed, and actors were chosen for the various roles.

The film's story follows two best friends through school where they both receive the opportunity to start a scholarship to become doctors. As a celebration of their achievements, their other school friends organise a party for them, which is only attended by one of the best friends.

The party includes binge drinking and drug use which accidentally affects one of the best friends, who as a result gets arrested. Due to the arrest, the student misses out on the scholarship, and finds herself as a cleaner at the hospital where her best friends now works as a trainee doctor.

Production Details
The film was shot in September 2001, after which it was in Post Production for a few months before its premiere release in November 2001 at the Richmond Regent Theatre. Copies of the film were distributed into schools within the Hawkesbury in early 2002. The film has also been shown at international drug and alcohol conferences, where copies of the film were requested by various countries.

Principal Organisations
The Hawkesbury Film Project is an initiative of two key principal organisations which are: Hawkesbury District Health Service and Hawkesbury Police Command.

"Drugs What If?" has involved a number of key sponsors which included Digital Mayhem, Integral Energy, Wentworth Area Health Service, Audio Sound Centre, Lemac Films (Australia), and Film & Tape Sales.

Supporting Organisations
Organisations such as the NSW Police Service, Hawkesbury District Health Service, NSW Education Department, Hawkesbury City Council, Bede Polding College, Hawkesbury Community Safety Committee, Hawkesbury District Hospital, Hawkesbury Panthers Sporting Club, Department of Juvenile Justice, John Morony Correctional Centre, Panavision Lighting, Kennards Hire and Richmond RAAF were involved to help and contribute resources to certain aspects of this project.

Part of the criteria for this project is that the community is involved. Local drama school students have been asked to participate in acting for this project.

For the success of the Hawkesbury Film Project 1 "Drugs What If?", all production was handled by professionals free of charge. Crew members participating as part of the production team were given the appropriate credit/s in the film.

As a result of a positive community response from this film project, ongoing support from sponsors and interested parties has enabled the future funding of the Hawkesbury Film Project.

Hawkesbury Film Project 2 - "Club Eyerus"

Digital Mayhem has once again become a proud sponsor of the Hawkesbury Film Project.

In June 2003, Digital Mayhem has undertaken the production of the Hawkesbury Film Project 2, titled "Club Eyerus". Like the first Hawkesbury Film Project, titled "Drugs What If?", it will be exploring the consequences of drug and alcohol use amongst young people within the Hawkesbury.

"Club Eyerus" is quite different compared to "Drugs What If?" as it was initiated by a form of a competition, where young people from the Hawkesbury were given a chance to create their own drug and alcohol awareness videos, which were then entered and judged against set criteria.

This process enabled the principal organisers of the Hawkesbury Film Project to take a step back from the story planning, which in turn resulted in ideas and perceptions purely generated by the young people of the Hawkesbury.

Out of all the entries received, one was picked as being the most creative, which was "Club Eyerus". "Club Eyerus" has now been professionally recreated by Digital Mayhem for distribution. Like "Drugs What If?", "Club Eyerus" will be distributed into all schools within the Hawkesbury and any other schools within Australia or overseas upon request. "Club Eyerus" will also be presented at various local and international drug and alcohol conferences.

"Club Eyerus" has Premiered at the Richmond Regent Twin Cimena in Richmond on the 24th of November 2003. Distribution of the film has been set for early 2004.

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