Digital Mayhem Showcase

Here is a Showcase of the Production Services Digital Mayhem has provided to various clients.

Action Entertainment -
Sarah-Jade -
Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy -
  • Promotional Video (Link coming soon) [Full Production]
NSW Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board(VETAB) -
NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) -
  • Online Vodcast 1 (Link coming soon) [Full Production]
  • Online Vodcast2 (Link coming soon) [Full Production]
  • Online Vodcast3 (Link coming soon) [Full Production]
  • Online Vodcast 4 (in Pre Production) [Full Production]
Music Video Clips -
  • Video Clip (in Pre Production) [Full Production]
Hawkesbury Film Project -
  • 1, Drugs... What If? (Link coming soon) [Full Production]
  • 2, Club Eyerus (Link coming soon) [Full Production]
  • 3, Driving Your Dreams (Link coming soon) [Full Production]
  • 4, Hawkesbury Film Project 4 (in Pre Production) [Full Production]
Spin series for Foxtel -
  • 50 Interstitials (Links coming soon) [Audio Post Production]
Motor Accidents Authority, Arrive Alive-
  • 30 sec Commercial (Link coming soon) [Full Production]
  • 45 sec Commercial (Link coming soon) [Full Production]


For more information, please contact us.

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