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Video Production Services


Showreels by Design

Digital Mayhem offers custom made Video Showreels for actors, models and creative designers working with video, graphics or any type of audio visual multimedia.

At first, we analyse your needs and then edit your Showreel containing your source material into a professional looking presentation. DVDs allow for interactive menus that let the viewer choose which part of the Showreel they would like to view (ie. Videos, Photos, Songs, Biography, History, Resume and others depending on your needs).

Showreels can include video footage from a variety of video formats including Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCPro, DVCam, DV, VHS, VHS-C, Video-8 and HI-8. Photos (digital or scanned), can also be incorporated into Showreels either as slideshows with music or as part of the video. Showreels can be delivered on a variety of formats including interactive DVD, CD or Video Tape.

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